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Houston Engineers Fantasy Football Package


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After nearly a month of working on the following, I have completed the uniforms for my Houston Engineers fantasy football team. The primary logo was created by clyon81 and features two distinct Houston images: the two-tone star, used on the official seal of the city, and the train, which was made more futuristic to show a new modernist view for the football team. The alternate, made by nwtrailtrekker, features an old-style H to throw back to the city's foundation in the early-to-mid 1800s.

The sky blue color was chosen again as a nod to the city's seal and the orange and blue as colors with a strong Houston athletic tradition.

As such, here are the uniforms, which I styled loosely after the new Minnesota Vikings.

The logos:


The home uniforms:


The away uniforms:


Any comments and critiques are welcome and, of course, encouraged and will be taken into account for the overall final version for the football league.

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I don't like the monochrome orange home unis at all, especially with the orange helmet. I think the numbers on the home uni should be navy, and both unis could use some more navy altogether.

Also, why a gray facemask when it's nowhere to be found anywhere else?

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I like the logos alot but I dont think they work good for football. THe H logo would be an awesome hat logo for a baseball team but I't hosent look that great on an orange football helmet. Also I dont like the solid orange uni's. I think you might have to develop a diffrent helmet logo and tweak the colors on the jersey to make this perfect.

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I agree with the previous post that you may want to reconsider your choice of the helmet logo. Did you try the star type logo that you used as part of the word mark. May be something you may want to consider. And you could add the old helmet logo as a secondary on the pants side panel or sleeve if you made the room.

Also take a look at this Saints helmet to see the placement of logos on helmets.


They need to be rotated conterclockwise slightly.

Im not feeling the mono home. Im part of the anti-mono militia. I think white pants would make for a nice balance. As for the road I dont like that the side panels go from orange to white. I would try both gray/blue trim and blue gray/trim. You have enough orange in the kit that it will still come across as the primary.

You have a very nice start and with some tweaking I think you will have a package that will be top notch.

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i don't like when sidepanels completely swap colors from pants to jersey... and i dont like that you've got 2 sets of orange pants.

the home jersey needs more white.

the color choice took me by suprise, but i suppose it's good to get away from generic sports colors.

i see a lot of things that i don't particularly like, and a lot of things that i'd do differently... but at the same time, it's fun to look at, and i like where you're going with it :) basically, i disagree with parts of it, but still think it's pretty damn cool.

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Nobody else? At the very least, I was hoping VitaminD would come by and just tear this apart!

Sorry, sorry, I've been preoccupied, but I'm here at last...

GOOD: The "H/star" monogram; the Engineers nickname works for me; the color scheme is very "Houstonian" (probably because I still associate it with the Astros); the primary logo is very nice.

BAD 1: I'm getting a lot of identity problems. On one hand, there's an Old West-styled "H" and a classic ctar design. On the other, there's "Johnny Rocket's" style '50s diner-like fonts for the wordmark, and ultra-progressive uniforms. When I think Engineers, and I see the old-timey "H", I'd think the rest of the package would be more retrostyled. By that, I mean more traditional numbers and stripes.

BAD 2: Orange overkill! That all-orange uniform will sear hundreds of thousands of eyes if worn on the field. That bright of a shade of orange from head to toe on 350-pound men is a recipe for disaster. I'd suggest more navy, even at the expense of less sky blue. I perceive orange and sky blue as light colors, and an increased use of navy would allow for sharper delineation between the two lighter colors.

TANGENT: Your socks are illegal. Bottom halves must be white coming out of the shoe.

SUGGESTION: Scale back on the orange and maybe lighten it a little (it's approaching red); a little more navy; try to unify the monogram, wordmark and uniform fonts (either go progressive/futuristic or go Old West, but don't try to be all things to all eras); scrap the all-orange look; if you want to think outside the box, how about traintrack striping down the sides of the jerseys and onto the pants? Just a thought, and not quite as abstract as the swatches of color you've got now.

All in all, not too bad. These could work when all is said and done.

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