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Yep, I could see Drury wearing those next year. But raise the number up on the alts, I never liked it when teams put it way down with a logo on the left chest. Number and logo should be even, like the White Sox, not unaligned like the Rockies or Rangers, or Rays, or whoever else may have them like that.

Anyways, this rocks. I may try and get to a few of their games next year. Don't know, I stay pretty busy during baseball season working at Hammons Field and occasionally helping out up at Busch Stadium. B)

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Looks pretty good.

One thing I would look to try is altering the "Drury" lettering. Either creating an arched wordmark for the jersey, which may be hard for you since it looks like you used paint. Or rotate the lettering so that it runs uphill slightly (like Toronto for example).

One last thing you may want to go with white letters on the shoulder wordmark.

A hat (red/black bill) featuring the panther might go well with the alt jersey.

Overall a good lookng concept, esp for paint.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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