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Daily trivia for 6/4/06:

1a) Who was the last player to hit at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium?

1b) What was the date of the above occurance?

2a) Who was the first to hit there?

2b) Whats the relationship between the answer of (1a) and (2a)?

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Hmm...I'm assuming you mean regular season....

1a. Moises Alou

1b. Dunno the date, but it was 1996.

2a. Felipe Alou

2b. Felipe is Moises' father.

This answer would make the most sense, at least without researching this. I have a Felipe Alou bat from when my mom went to a game in the late 60's, and it was a Bat Day giveaway.

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1a. Moises Alou

1b. 9/23/96

2a. Matty (Alou)

2b. It's Moises' uncle

strange fact: This occured in the year 1966.....the same year Moises was born.

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