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Super bowl xxxviii logo unveiled


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That logo completely sucks.  Did they have a budget of 25 cents?  Were their resources a spirograph and some sort of bubble gum wrapper?  This years logo is awesome, but like Texas :angry:, that 2004 logo sucks.  I also think it's cool how this years logo contains a lighthouse and the two teams have names pertaining to the seas.  The NFL is rigged, I tell ya. :D
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Check out the SB XXXVIII Organizing Committee logo.  This logo is incredible when compared to the NFL's official logo.  http://www.superbowlxxxviii.org/

Your incredibly right. How does that happen. The more I look at the actual logo the more I think a clean version will look nice, but not great. Simplay changing the colors to that of the committee would help.

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