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Final Four-rd.4


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Final Four

Due Date: June 30th at Midnight

Obj: Some professional sports teams are becoming outdated, and need a boost in appearance. Your goal is to modernize two teams coming out of Chicago:

GMS and Lightbluenc will be responsible for the Chicago Bulls

Roxstar and Paynomind will be responsible for the Chicago Bears

Requirements: Complete logo package. Include primary, secondary, wordmark, and uniforms.

Extras: Court design, tertiary logo


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I look forward to the challenge of being up against roxstar, he is a great designer that I'll be lukcy to get a vote against!

Game, what is the exact template size you plan to display these as. I'm sure all of us would like to save our images off at the correct size, so little to no quality is lost on display.

Thanks for running a great contest!

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::Deadline extended to sunday night at midnight::

Those who already turned in entry can make revisions or changes by then.


was my design that bad that you need to give me a couple more days to redo it?


precisely, kyler... i suggest you get to work cuz it wont be that easy in the finals (provided we both get past this round, haha)

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