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Penguins - 3rd (just for fun)


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I was bored, i was talking to my buddy about how i miss the diagonal pittsburgh jersey, i have 3 of the diagonal ones (Jagr, Francis, Lemieux)...they were my favourite Penguins jersey by far.

So i found pictures of how they looked, found a cool old logo for a shoulder patch and added the new vegas gold they have. I don't know how to make it look shiny and all that like some of you all do. So here it is, any and all comments about the jersey is welcomed. Try not to be too harsh though.

If i could figure out how to put it in NHL2006, i'll do it asap. Might even get one made if i can get all the materials and find a stiching and logo place that will do things for me cheap but with great quality.

So voila. (yes i know i love the string tie up collar, it just looks soo much better, well to me anyways).

A: This one has the oldschool-ish patch with the new colour i added (from brands of the world)


B: With the current logo (from brands of the world)


Note: Temp i used is Grafixers temp from doubleminor site.

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I like the first set of shoulder patches. Great concept, I cant see why they cant go with something like this.

Im sure if you request it to one of the guys at NHLDepot.org, they wouldnt mind to make a mod to put it in NHL 2006.

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Which 80's one? The all gold one with the little black in it? Pics? i'll try to update the 80s one to the new era colours.

I think he means these...


Once again, these look sweet! Especially the first one. If teams were allowed to accept jersey designs from fans you would definately have to show them it. Except, you's have to move up the shoulder patches. You dont have them on the shoulder, you have them more towards where the sleeve numbers would be.

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Yeah i didn't really know where to put the shoulder logo's now that i know, i'll be sure to change it for my next jersey design.

Thanks for all the good feedback, really really appreciate it. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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