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2006 MLB All-Star J erseys


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Found this in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this morning.

Based on precedence, we can assume that the AL's jersey will likely be a reverse of this [gold on black; though gold on red is a possibility].

FYI: The gentlemen in the picture who are NOT Jason Bay are Pittsburgh's mayor Bob O'Connor, and Allegheny County's Executive Dan Onorato.


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I actually like these. They look like warmup jerseys, not some futuristic crap like they rolled out in Boston. Hopefully the AL will be wearing black jerseys, but even if they wear red instead, I think they will look sharp. I actually like the 2 buttons, though I would prefer the 5 button front

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If they were gonna go yellow and black, they should've taken the 1979 throwback yellow and black jerseys and just changed the front from "PIRATES" to the league names...it'd be the same effect they're going for here, but much cooler...

Or, at least go to a full button-down style and get rid of the red...

Also, this is the caption of the photo on the Pirates' web page:

These are the jerseys the All-Stars will wear in the Midsummer Classic on July 11.

Hopefully, this is just a misprint and the players will wear their own uniforms during the game. If they change to using these in the actual game, it'd be a sad day.

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Those jerseys look like they should be on 40 year old fat guys at a local park in some crappy beer softball league...Just horrendous.

Ummm...have you seen the Pirates lately? ^_^

Those are bleepin' HIDEOUS! My eyes hurt.

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