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Dwight Yorke & Andy Cole

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Does anybody know, the nickname of the strike partnership between Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke was called, back during they're Manchester United days??

Not sure how much people would know, but I can't find it on Wikipedia, so I came here.

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no one knows :cry:

Heaven smiles above me

What a gift here below

No one knows the gift that you give to me

No one knows

Great. Now I've got QOTSA stuck in my head.

I've tried to do some Internet sleuthing for ya, but I think I've come up a bit short. One website I found refers to them as "football brothers," while another features the phrase "Yorke 'n Cole ? Rock 'n Roll." But I don't think either is what you're looking for. Sorry.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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