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Hebrew Hockey Logos

Roger Clemente

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Awesome find, RC. The other links on the left side cover all 4 major sports, a lot of major American universities, and some Australian stuff as well.

My favorite was the redesigned Oakland Aleph's. Brilliant! But some are pretty brutal - NM's example of the Flyers may be Exhibit A in the brutal section.

As for legality, I've seen a few schools offer their insignias and wordmarks redesigned into languages that don't use the Latin alphabet (Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic). So I don't that it's illegal, but it'd probably be worth checking into...

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I'm Jewish and I find this whole promotion thing pretty damn lame.

BTW, I have a feeling all of this is slightly illegal too...

Is that supposed to be half eaten Matza (sp?) or something?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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