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WHA Resurrection Project


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After seeing the recent influx of peoples support for the Whalers {which you know is all in vain} I got an idea to start a project, not just resurrecting a team, resurrecting an entire league.

Winnipeg Jets


Minnesota Fightin' Saints


I i thougt the font reflected angels well

Edmonton Oilers


New England Whalers


Next Up...

Houston Aeros

Quebec Nordiques

Burmingham Bulls

Cleveland Crusaders

C&C please.

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Jets -- Dig the two color style, although the numbers look a bit low on the back. There's too much space between them and the nameplate.

Saints -- Not too bad, I'd maybe make the crest a little bigger, though.

Oilers -- Okay. A little on the plain side, it's missing something, but I don't know what.

Whalers -- Again, the crest could be a little bigger, and I'm not a fan of the number font. But that's me.

Not a bad set of concepts overall, Maz, can't wait to see what else you have.

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I'd clean them up a bit around the logos--the white distracts me.

But some good use of stripes for the logos in question.

That is the striping fits the logos.

There's always a danger theJest will look Ranger-ish--but these don't.

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Those are pretty cool, i was actually toying around with the Cleveland Crusaders jersey for the WHA thing myself, my buddy is always telling me how Cleveland deserves a hockey team and blah blah blah.

So i found the logo with the pink/black/white as the 3 colours and came up with this...i'll post it in here because this is a WHA thread, not trying to steal your thunder at all, just adding to it.

No offense, i hope.

I really like the Jets and the Saints one you have up there, they look pretty solid. I always liked the Toronto Toros logo's, the bull they had was pretty interesting.

The LA sharks one is pretty old school but cool too, you should give those a try.

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Batch # 2

Houston Aeros


Cleveland Crusaders


Toronto Torros


Quebec Nordiques


Le no parle pas Francais.

Next Up:

L.A. Sharks

Denver Spurs

Cincinnati Stingers

Ottawa Civics

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Jets: I'm likin the rounded shoulders you gave em. Very nice.

Saints: Very nice striping. Excellent update. I'm not a big fan of the numbers, but that's just me. Also, on the white one, the numbers are a different colour of blue.

Oilers: Looks pretty plain to me. Maybe move the stripes farther up the arm.

Whalers: The stripes look a little plain. Maybe use some blac kfrom the logo to accent them.

Aeros: Very nice! Just check the blue on the alt logo, it doesn't match.

Crusaders: Sweeet! I like how the sleeve stripes make a cross. Again, just watch the shade of purple. A little more black might not hurt, either.

Toros: I'm not sure if the angled jersey stripes really go well with the logo. This is probably my least favourite of the bunch.

Nordiques: These are perfect! My only complaint is that the fleur de lis are a little hard to see on the white one. Try switching the red and blue around for that one.

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Went back and switched out the Torros, Nordiques, Whalers, and Crusaders with revised ones according to Steiney's suggestions...

Here are the revisions...

Torros: Tried new striping pattern, still not completely satisfied.

Nordiques: Switched the colors of the Fleur-De-Lis with the stripes.

Whalers: Added black to accent colors.

Crusaders: Added black.

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I don't know if you did it purposely, but you used a different color for the numbers on the Whalers' jerseys as you did with the green accent. If you balanced that one out more, it would look a lot better.

I like the rest, though. The Toros are tight unis and you're right - the numbers on the Minnesota jerseys do appear to match the Saint. Good work!

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The Oilers jersey is the only one that I'm not liking very much. I think it's missing something like some of the other people on here, and I'm not too keen on the number font for the back. I'm kind of thinking that if you gave it something on the sides of the body, making its way from the arm pit to the waist (or at least the top of the stripes at the waist), maybe it'll fill things up a little more?.... hmmmm

Other than that, I think that the rest of them look pretty darn good. My favorite is definitely the Jets.

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