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Retro Soccer Jerseys/Logos


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If I remember correctly about the California Surf - the colors were white, lime, medium blue and light blue and they wore the "Surf" across the body - the logo was a wave. Seattle wore their logo across the body too and the Chiefs had broad bands. Lucky they didn't make the Atlanta Apollos, Denver Dynamo or Colorado Caribou shirts.

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I love TOFFS, but they do take some liberties.  The latest is to add badges onto football shirts where they don't belong, to avoid having blank shirts.

That's what they did with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers shirt as well. They never had the logo as a badge. In 1977 it was just the red and yellow hoops and small block "STRIKERS" in black on the right breast. Then sometime in 1978 they switched to the large "STRIKERS" across the chest that they wore for the rest of their existence.

I think because so many of the NASL shirts had the giant logo on the front instead of the badge on the breast, most replica makers have avoided making them. If they do, they tend to make them as they wish, hoping no one will remember.

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I still have my Admiral Strikers replica from 1979. At that time most of the jerseys had broad stripes vertical or horizontal - and only a few stuck with the badge look. Here's what I remember:

full body: Vancouver, Seattle, Atlanta, California, Tampa Bay

Fully body stripe (horizontal) + badge: Chicago, Montreal(?), Denver (Dynamo), Boston (Minutemen), (vertical): New England/Jacksonville, Philadelphia

Bage only: LA, NY, Memphis, Tulsa, Toronto, Baltimore (Comets), Detroit, Houston

That's all I can remember.

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I still have my Admiral Strikers replica from 1979.

Since you have the shirt, maybe you can answer a question I've been wondering for years.

I remember that the Strikers used to sell the Admiral replicas at Lockhart. (Sadly I didn't get one, but it wouldn't fit me today anyway.) For some reason I have this memory that the replica just the red and yellow hoops but did not have "STRIKERS" written across it as the authentic shirts did.

Am I remembering correctly or is that one of those memories that's gone wrong after twenty-some odd years?

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