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Kenworth's 2004 jersey rankings.

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2004 is the year of the retro as we all can see.  Ok fooks this is the millinum not the past.  Bring NEW looking jerseys in to the NHL.  And enof with this big draw back to when we get to see the jerseys.  We are the only leage that does this.  NBA just lets people see the jerseys right after they are published.  Before we get on to the rankings this is what I think of all the new jerseys.



Ok.  Where is the green, teal or what ever you want to call it?  Are the Ducks trying to be like there cross town rivals?  the kings?  Becasue tell me in im wrong but there colors where Purple, black, silver and white.  The look could have so much more.  The logo is nice but I dont know if I would have when with it for Anaheim.  I saw it for Minny it looked nice.  I saw it in stores the other day and dont get me wrong it looked nice.  Very nice.  But just not Anaheim.  Last night on the TV they looked all black.  And another lace up.....FAD.

SCORE  6.5/10   Summery: Just not Anaheim.  The jersey is just to Kings and would look beter on a team like the Rangers.



Bring back the sea of red.  Not much of a change but for surely sharp.  I love the jersey and it just says Flames.  Its there new home witch is also nice to drop that god ugly hourse.  But why?  Why the lace up?  Two other adentival jerseys and they dont have it?  Why?  And the numbers are hard to see on TV becasue are black but still looks nice.

Score  8/10  Summery:No tie up would make it a nine.

Blue Jackets


All I got to say is WOW.  Holly crap.  This is a nice jersey.  Black looks very nice and the tie up goes with the jersey.  Nice placement of everything.  The logo is very nice.  I have hurd that it should take over the home and away but just would not be the same.  They droped the bug.  Thank god.  And just wow.

Score 9.5/10  Summery: Big wow.   Nicely done CBJ!



When I first saw the jersey I thought it was a joke.  But then I saw it on there website and noticed I must have been drunk.  Ok  Red.  Red!!?!?!!  Oh my.  They needed a new color I guess but they must have been desperit.  Ok....a Bull?  Ok ok I know its suposta be Toris or w/e but how the hell does Dallas Stars have anyhting to do with Toris?  Becasue they are Stars I guess and its a constulashon and A bull is like Texus's animal.  The logo could have been nice if they droped that star with red and made no red at all.  But still.  Com'on guys.  Red?  Why not silver?  But one god thing comes out of this.  CRATIVITY AND NEW FASHON.  Its not "old school" "retro" or has a tie up.  It is good for that and only for that.

Score 4.5/10  Summery: Red is a no no and a bull is an I dont know.



Ok a shunken logo with words of your team aound it are usaly found on a puck.  Not a jersey.  And definty not a "new" logo for a new 3rd jersey.  Wild when totaly oposite with this one.  Insted of going wild they when plain.  When ever I look at the jersey I see the Hads or something.  The logo is valvet by the way.  Its a tie up and it looks so chirstmas jersey so what they should have done is but the wheat color in for the green and the green for the wheat is any thing.  They so coulda did so much more with this jersey. A tie up does not make it any beter.

Score 5/10  Summery:  Its the 2000's not the 1900's.


Home & Away



The jerseys look and are the jerseys of the Sovit Union back in the day or whatever.  99 said he wanted tradisonal and thats what he got.  The logo is very interseting and would have looked beter without the spikes or what ever they are coming off its neck.  They are WAY bater then the old ones that for sure.  The home is very nice but the away is just not my cup of tea.

Score (Home) 6/10 (Road) 7/10




CBJ   9.5

CGY  8


ANA  6.5


MIN  5

DAL  4.5


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My Grades on a 1-10 ratio

Blue Jackets 9

Flames 7

Wild 5

Mighty Ducks 4

Stars 1

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Kenworth, wow you must have missed grammer class. :D

I think they all suck.  I even think the Jackets' 3rd sucks!  9.5 out of 10?  That jersey looks like it belongs on some Ohio league all star team.

Calgary's is the best of the group and I don't even like it.

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Ill give the Coyotes an 8

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grammar with an a

i before e except after c

lol dont worry i cant spell

any one have a clue about ATLs alt?

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I think someone posted teh Thrashers alts will be unvieled on November 24th.

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Being a teacher I will grade these jerseys!!

Anaheim: Could do better! been copying off his neighbour (L A king) too much, and lacks his usual originality! D

Calgary: Without the tie up collar this would be pretty good in my opinion, but the tie up makes a fairly alright modern jersey look like its trying to be retro. C

Columbus: I can see this becoming a home jersey in a few years. Looks classier than and has a real timeless feel to it. The stinger can be consigned to just a job as a foam mascot now! B+

Dallas: I like the logo, however the jersey does not say Dallas Stars to me. Maybe they are trying to distance themselves from there North Stars heritage, but I can't say i approve of this jersey! D-

Minnesota: As a third for the heritage season this looks pretty cool. To be honest it stopped my plans for a Wild saintsfan challenge, which has dropped its agrade a bit but otherwise I like this one! B-

Phoenix: Frankly my initial poor rating of this jersey hasn't changed  one bit! Logo and jersey just don't seem to match up to me, this team has gone from having a cool modern look to a very mediocre look in my opinion. C-

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My evaluation: Since I am a teacher, I will grade them on

1)orginality or redesign of the layout & logos,

2) jersey appearance & eye appeal

3) Overall score

(1)(2) (3-final grade)

Columbus - (A)(A-) (A)

Calgary - (B+)(A-) (A-)

#Anaheim - (B+)(C+)(B)

#note to ANA design team: too black! Where's Darth Vader?

Minnesota* - (C+) (B+) (B)

*note to MN design team: Should have used the "WILD" text in gold as part of your logo.

Phoenix - (B)(C-)(C+)

Dallas - (D-)(F) (F) :(

Thanks for stopping by. :D

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Minnesota - 10

by far the best new jersey I've seen in a long time

Phoenix - 8.5

clean, easy, the whole "old soviet" thing is the only thing that remotely bothers me about it.

Columbus - 7

If they would have just flipped the black and red, this would have looked SO much better.

Dallas - 5

Red?  Scratch the red and this five probably goes up to an 8.  

Calgary - 5

Isn't the black fad over?  I'll never get used to the crest being black.

Anaheim - 3

I don't mind the scripted crest so much... but the colors are horrible, unoriginal, I don't care for it.

...just my two cents...


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I don't know about you guys, but I love the new "Texus" jersey with the "constulashon". :D Seriously though Kenworth, you say they're desperate for choosing red, but then you suggest silver, the second-most faddy color in sports?? I think these jerseys are creative and original, and I love the crest. They make perfect sense for the Stars, since the logo is a constellation "made of stars" forming an animal Texas is known for. Genius. So my grades:

Dallas: 9 (See above)

Columbus: 8 (Boo for the black)

Phoenix: 8 (Less is more)

Minnesota: 6 (Cheesy throwbacks for a team with no history)

Calgary: 5 (WAY too much honkin' black!!)

Anaheim: 4 (see Minnesota)

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I concur with almost everybody else: CAL 3rd is cool, except for the good reason to bring that back (except to sell more jerseys, of course). CBJ is not perfect but a definite improvement, considering how horrible the old ones were; there are too many Red/White/Blue combos out there. ANA 3rd was trying to look tougher, so they copied the Kings, go figure. PHO is a step back though: the old jerseys were brash, but they looked like somebody professional gave them a lot of thought and attention, and they really reflected the culture of the SW. These look thrown-together. Wayne wants a traditional hockey feel? Dude, you're playing hockey in *PHOENIX*. You want tradition, go back to Edmonton.

One question:

does the MIN 3rd jersey look a lot like an old Blackhawks jersey? I thought they had an old jersey that had a small round logo in the center of Chief Black Hawk's head and the words "Black Hawks" in some combination on a ring around it...can anyone confirm this? I think that used to be the logo style of a lot of teams. If so, the MIN 3rd is a pretty cool to harken back to that...

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Wayne wants a traditional hockey feel? Dude, you're playing hockey in *PHOENIX*. You want tradition, go back to Edmonton.

but the coyotes used to play in the province of manitoba not the city of edmonton....i know wayne used to play there but the coyotes used to be jets.... ???

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Yeah the Blackhawks used a little logo in a cirlce way back in around 1952, they brought it back in 1991-1992 when they were clebrating their 75th anniversary. I also think the Wild pretty much took this idea for their jerseys because it is very similar...a little TOO similar...*shifty eyes*

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