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FSU Men's Soccer


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Here's what I thought up:





They are both a a combobnaiton of about 8 ideas each. The white's piping changed 13 times. The extremely light grey on the back is supposed to be mesh white. The garnet stripe was a last minute thing I added and it seems to work well.

C&C, please.


Dark w/ shorter spear

Dark reverse of the white

Dark sans Chief Osceola and number box

White w/ thicker sash

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Like 'em.

One suggestion: find the FSU athletic font - what they use for football and basketball numbers. It'd tie this in to the school much, much better.

The garnet jersey is a little cluttered, with the spear, Chief Osceola, the swoosh and the number in a box. I'd dump the Chief - the spear is well-done and identifies FSU well enough. I'd also get rid of the box - the number is already double-outlined.

The white jersey is nice. I like that this one isn't a copy of the garnet with colors reorganized. I would make the garnet sash a little thicker to accommodate larger numbers.

This would work.

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