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Going to DC and Philly Stadiums


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Me and my g/f will be going to D.C. and Philly for 4th of July weekend and ive locked up tickets to the Nationals and Phillies games (on different days)

Was curious if anyone is from either of those areas?

Has anyone been to those stadiums? How are they?

Do you know if they have vehicle parking?

Anyone know what their camera policies are?

I am real excited to be in DC and Philly for 4th of July Weekend... first time going to D.C. to see the White House....

Thanks in advance!

Oh Yeah... if anyone from those areas might know some other touristy places to check out... I am fully open for suggestions!

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Got it - and I sent you a bunch of stuff back.

I just realized something though - I haven't said a word about the park. Where are your seats? I can start from there and come up with something useful.

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131? Prime seats! 3rd base line (visitors' dugout), just about even with the bag. Some of the lower deck is underneath the upper deck, and you ought to be in the shade for most of the game - especially with a 3p start.

PS - I sent you more stuff, on the park this time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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