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Atlanta Hawks Concept


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How much stuff are you trying to cram into 1 concept? I count 3 logos, all from different eras, and the Atlanta BRAVES monogram. You've got almost every gimmick you could think of in here as well - outlining, logos and wordmarks on the same jersey, front logos AND back logos, drop shadowing, name under number, 3-letter city abbreviation in lieu of city name. Meanwhile, neither alternate fully goes with the home/road primaries.

Restraint will make this a lot better. Find 1 direction for your concept, and go in that direction alone. There's some promise in your basic design, but it's lost beneath a sea of superfluous nonsense.

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Well how about this Idea .... try the Atlanta Flames A for a Alt logo it fits the colors & putting put of use logo to use .

Why would that make any more sense than the Braves' "A"? Because it's in the same colors? What do flames have to do with predatory birds?

I mean, it's bad enough ripping off the logos of an existing team under any circumstances. But to think you can justify it by saying the team colors match, with no consideration of how it fits - or doesn't fit at all - with the team nickname is even worse.

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