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Source: Sixers talk to Celts about A.I.


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NBA Draft is comming, so let trade rumors about NBA ALL STARS begin....AGAIN!!!

It is no secret that the Philadelphia 76ers was close to trading Allen Iverson to the NBA at last NBA trade deadline. Billy King has so said that he is "trying hard" to make a trade.

A NBA source said Celtics GM Ainge and Sixer's GM have indeed talk about a trade.

Iverson to the Celtics - Do you think it will happen? Is Iverson a good fit in Boston?



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This would work for two reasons:

1) Paul Pierce wants his veteran leader to help him run the team, and while Ainge tried to get Wally Szczerbiak to be that player, we all know that won't happen. Regardless of Iverson's attitude, he'd play in Boston.

2) The Celtics desperately need a point guard and don't need that No. 7 pick too badly. They could get rid of Delonte West, Tony Allen, Gerald Green, or whoever the Sixers would want to take back and not even blink. The only fit for them would be Marcus Williams, but even then, he might only look that good because it's such a poor draft class.

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Even if Iverson goes to Boston, which doesn't seem too likely, you'll still have the better AI left in Philly.

And if you couldn't tell by that statement, Andre Iguodala is by far my favorite player in the NBA. If the Sixers could get Al Jefferson in a deal with the Celtics, they might become the Suns of the Eastern Conference...

Just without a center...or a point guard...or a decent bench.

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Here's some rumors I've heard about

Garnett to Chicago for picks 2 and 16 and Ben Gordon/Luol Deng.

Shane Battier and number 24 pick to Charlotte for number 3 pick

Jerry West has deemed Pau Gasol as the only member of team that is "untouchable.

Golden State sends Troy Murphy and number 9 pick to Chicago for numbers 2 and 16.

A three team deal that involves Philadelphia sending AI to Boston for Gerald Green, Al Jefferson and someone else and the third team is Cleveland and Drew Gooden may be the guy on their team that gets involved in this deal.

Kenyon Martin to Minnesota for Marko Jaric and someone else.

Shawn Marion to Chicago for Tyson Chandler and the number 2 pick.

A draft day trade rumor....

... Atlanta may pick Brandon Roy and send his rights to Houston for Shelden Williams' draft rights and Luther Head.

Please remember that these are all RUMORS

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