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MLB '06: The Show


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Good day, fine sirs.

I have but one query today: I created a player in the Career Mode and have built my ratings up considerably and last season my player hit .330 with 22 home runs and played stellar defense. Yet, I was sent back to the minors. I asked my brother who also has this game and he said that no matter how well he does, he gets sent back to the minors at the start of each season. Does anyone know if eventually they stop sending you back down, or what's the deal?

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heh, can't definitely answer your question at the moment, as I haven't gotten through year 2 yet, oddly enough (ironically, my current player's a spot starter on the Rockies and has been up for the better part of two months going on three)

Last year, though, you could start a season on teh major league roster if your player was good enough...heh, I'll check this out for myself and see what happens.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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