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New Sabres Logo??


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Small point ... while watching the Sabres/Penguins game on MSG, I've noticed that the Sabres have the old logo on their helmets permanently on the lower left side of the back, probably so they can use the same helmets for both sets of unis...

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BOMP-BA-BOMP-BOMP  <<---- Hum it as the DRAGNET theme

Sabres on LIDS

I was checking out the vintage logo hat they had from Twins Enterprises and they have "1971"

on the back of the hat, Sabres were founded in 1970. What's up with that?

As other people have mentioned, there is the fact that the season was 70-71, however another explaination might be that, it looks like that logo has the bison with red eyes, and unless I'm remembering incorrectly, the red eyes weren't added to the logo until the 71-72 season. I'm not 100% sure on that, but I believe that to be the case.

They sell hats with the slug that have 1970 on them, so it just looks like they screwed up the year on that particular cap.

It seems to me if the year references when the team started play, then the beginning of the season (1970) should be cited, rather than the end (1971). If you are referencing when the team wins a championship, then use the year at the end of the season.

Well, yes and no.

The one with the slug on it that says "1970" does reference the year the team began play.

Generally, though, the hats with the logo on the front and the year on the back have seemed to reference one (seemingly random) year that the logo was used. For example, I have a Phillies hat that says "1975" on the back. In 1975, the Phillies finished 2nd in their division. Any year from 1976-78 would have made more sense, since they won their division those years, or even better, 1980, when they used the same logo and won the world series. Why they chose 1975... I have no idea.

Why they chose 1971 for the Sabres hat... I also have no idea. The red eyes thing was just a guess.

I don't think it's a random thing (the red eye thing sounds like a good guess to me though).

Does anyone own or has any owned NHL Hitz Pro on Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube? They have both the old blue and the old white for Buffalo as optional uniform choices. Under each of the vintage uniforms in that game for every team, they have a year. For some reason, the old white in the game has 1970 under it, and the old blue has 1971 under it. So whatever Lids was doing, Next Level Games (the people who made Hitz Pro) was doing the same thing.

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