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UAlbany Hoop Concept


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Those are some solid unis. I think the only thing that takes away from them is that it doesn't appear you're using their exact wordmark for the school name - if you throw that on there, it's a definite upgrade.

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First off, nice job on the jerseys. They have their own personality, but they don't crowd the page. Things to remember about UAlbany (only because I led the team to four straight Sweet 16 apperances plus a Final Four on 2k6). You might be trying to go away from the Lakers look, but it might be better if you put yellow on the body and white on the shoulders and stripes on the home. Second, I think yellow would be a better look than blue on the roads for the shoulders and stripes.

Still, this a great concept; a great improvement on a great package.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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