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2006 NBA Draft Thread


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Here is the order for the 2006 National Basketball Association College Draft(Teams may change). Talk here for any draft rumors, any teams moving up or who you think your team may take. Discuss

(1) Toronto Raptors- Andrea Bargnani(F, Italy)

(2) Portland Trailblazers(From Chicago Bulls via New York Knicks)- LaMarcus Aldridge(C, Texas)

(3) Charlotte Bobcats- Adam Morrison(F, Gonzaga)

(4) Chicago Bulls(From Portland Trailblazers)-Tyrus Thomas(F, LSU)

(5) Atlanta Hawks- Shelden Williams(F, Duke)

(6) Minnesota Timberwolves- Brandon Roy(G, Washington)-Roy to Portland

(7) Portland Trail Blazers(From Boston Celtics)- Randy Foye(G, Villanova)-to Minnesota

(8) Memphis Grizzlies(From Houston Rockets)- Rudy Gay(F, UConn)

(9) Golden State Warriors- Patrick O'Bryant(C, Bradley)

(10) Seattle Sonics- Saer Sene(C, Senegal)

(11) Orlando Magic- JJ Redick(G, Duke)

(12) New Orl/OKC Hornets- Hilton Armstrong(C, UConn)

(13) Chicago Bulls(From Philadelphia 76ers) - Tabo Sefolosha(F, Switzerland)

(14) Utah Jazz- Ronnie Brewer(G, Arkansas)

(15) New Orl/OKC Hornets(From Milwaukee Bucks)- Cedric Simmons(F, NC State)

(16) Philadelphia 76ers(From Chicago Bulls)- Rodney Carney(F, Memphis)

(17) Indiana Pacers- Shawne Williams(F, Memphis)

(18) Washington Wizards- Oleksiy Pecherov(F, Ukraine)

(19) Sacramento Kings- Quincy Douby(G, Rutgers)

(20) New York Knicks(From Denver Nuggets)- Renaldo Balkman(F, South Carolina)

(21) Boston Celtics(From Phoenix Suns via L.A. Lakers)- Rajon Rondo(G, Kentucky)

(22) New Jersey Nets(From L.A. Clippers)- Marcus Williams(G, UConn)

(23) New Jersey Nets- Josh Boone(C, UConn)

(24) Memphis Grizzlies- Kyle Lowry(G, Villanova)

(25) Cleveland Cavaliers- Shannon Brown(G, Michigan State)

(26) LA Lakers(From Miami Heat)

(27) Phoenix Suns

(28) Dallas Mavericks

(29) New York Knicks(From San Antonio Spurs)

(30) Portland Trailblazers(From Detroit Pistons)

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TSN is reporting that Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo is saying the Raps will keep the No. 1 pick, and have narrowed it down to either Andrea Bargnani or LaMarcus Aldridge: TSN.ca

Colangelo admits he's fielded numerous calls about the pick since the Raptors won the draft lottery, but none has really grabbed him. To trade the pick outright for a player, Colangelo wanted someone of all-star calibre in return. To trade down a few spots in the draft, he wanted to get back a young player with decent potential thrown into the deal.

"There have been quite a few inquiries about the pick, nothing we felt was enough to change our course and use the selection," Colangelo said. "The offers that we received were not in the calibre that we felt it required to move the pick."

Still, the former Phoenix Suns GM has shown he's not shy when it comes to the high-stakes game of NBA trading and plenty can happen in the final hours before the draft at New York's Madison Square Garden.

"If someone came forward with something now that would knock us down and make us rethink the position, yeah, there's that chance (of trading the pick), there's time before the draft," said Colangelo. "But at the end of the day, we are sitting with No. 1."

Colangelo also made calls about acquiring another first-round pick, but nothing came to fruition.

"Are we still interested in acquiring another pick? Yes. Are there options right now? No. There's been some interesting and unique offers, players thrown at us. But we've gone through and systematically eliminated most of those opportunities," said Colangelo.

"But there is a lot of stuff flying around right now."

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Here's hopping the Raps, can trade that pick to the Bobcats, in exchange for #3 and Knight, and then still pick up their guy (Assuming Chicago takes Thomas).

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The raptors are considereing Aldridge because Chris Bosh works out with him all the time.

But Colangelo I think has convinced Bosh that Bargnani is their man. Rasho can play D and on the other end Bargnani can shoot very well.

That's what Ric Bucher said

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I hope Adam Morrison slips to 21st.

Jerry West has been working the past 48 hours on a "very big deal" to try and get up to the number 3(Charlotte) or 6(Portland) spot to try and get Adam Morrison.

Apparently he is dangling Shane Battier.

Thats what the insiders at espn are telling me

I sure hope thats not it. As much as I want Morrison to go to Memphis it seems like a lousy deal.

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