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Jays to wear Canada Day Unis


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I just saw an email from Blue Jays head office:

On behalf of the Toronto Blue Jays, thank you for your email. We will be celebrating Canada Day with the players wearing special uniform tops as well as having fireworks post-game.


Kathy Dolenc

Guest Relations Assistant

Toronto Blue Jays / Rogers Centre

I'm guessing that they'll be white with a red trim.

I'm looking forward to see them... Here are some past uniforms




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Wow, the one team in all of Canada will actually put the Red back in there uniform... what an AMAZING idea. Next thing you know they will Actuall use the word "Blue" in any of the logos for the blue jays AND actually use the color blue!

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Black jersey with red sleeves.

God, I'm such a heartless bastard sometimes.

Seriously, I'm pulling for red... and blue. Minimize the silver and black on this one, for the love of all things holy. But a little graphite couldn't hurt.

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thank you

You're welcome.

Next time you should try it with construction paper, magazines, crayons, and paste. But don't eat the paste.

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How do you guys like this?

You did a fine job of copying and pasting logos and coloring within the lines.

The coloring between the lines part doesn't always work on some of his other logos, so give credit where credit is due.

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Some news regarding Saturday:

BOTH the Jays and the Phils will have Canadian flags sewn to their hats, marking the first time both teams would have the Canadian flag on their hats.

The Jays will be wearing their uniforms with red accents, the numbering in red and ?CANADA? on the nameplates in place of the players names.

BlueJays.com Linkage

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