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Emerson College Hockey


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Hey everyone!

This is my first (maybe only) concept.

I love looking at all the concept jerseys that people post, and some of you guys are seriously talented. (Rules prohibit a** kissing, so I won't name names.) I started a club hockey team at my school, little Emerson College in Boston, MA. We don't have jerseys yet, and probably never will -- due to minimal school funding we'll probably play our games with plain black $10 blanks, with screenprinted numbers on them and no crest :rolleyes: Ah well.

Anyway, here's my concept. Our team name is the Lions, and our school colors are a slight-bluish purple, black and white. The colors and fonts are from our school's usage and display guide.

Since I can't render logos and only know how to use MS Paint, I utilized a Manchester Monarchs logo for the crest. I wish to be very careful in stating that the logo is NOT MINE and I harbor no intention of using it for anything other than this fantasy concept.

I'm also indebted to whoever's template this is; I can't remember where I got it, but I'm sure whoever made it will take credit, which I gratefully give. So kudos to them.

With that, I offer my stuff to the CC board. Comments, criticism...welcome as always.

Emerson Lions Concept

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Nice job (not to mention a brilliantly diplomatic presentation), but the bold, metallic-looking logo seems to contrast with the flat, mundane stripes. I would suggest adding some silver to the stripes to make them more consistent, and perhaps even considering another scheme. Also, the number font gets pretty thin in some places, so you may want to consider making it bold.

Overall, pretty solid work.

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Hey, thanks for the C&C.

I'm working on some (more interesting) ideas right now.

I'd like to have a really traditional look to the jerseys...so hopefully that'll come across in my next design. The school was founded in 1880, and "1880" shows up in all official school insignia, stationery, etc. There's also a pretty sweet lion that I'm trying to make a crest of. Think of an Old-European-style, battling lion (see England, Netherlands, Finland).

BTW, great to hear you chose Emerson, it's a nice school. I'm a journalism major (Class of '08) and I'm pretty happy here.

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