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New Bucks logo preview


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The home unis would have green with red piping on the sides, and shoulders would be red with green piping. Roads would be green and on the sides would have white with red piping. Didn't get into the shoulders of the roads.

Oh and that we already know the logo and wordmark.

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Since This is your first post Im sure most people wouldnt have really believed you, or would have questioned your sources greatly.

Dude, you don't even want to know what happened to the last guy who doubted Jiri Welsch

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Wait, the shoulders have a different color that the rest of the jersey  :therock: ?  This sounds kind of strange... trying to think of an example of this.

Like this:


This has me a little worried now. I can't imagine this look being done well. If this is true and they are having a different color on the shoulders, it's just going to look like a WNBA jersey.... I haven't anticipated a new jersey like this ever, I just hope it comes through and looks good. And this possibility has me thinking I will be dissapointed

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Maybe its a red stripe... like on the new nike template from last year (see florida) Or like wisconsin, or something


Maybe? Or something with a small stripe across the shoulder.

We can only hope its not full shoulder. But I will leave my judgement till I see them.

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Perhaps when he said "shoulders" he meant "arm holes?"  Just a thought.

That would calm me down a bit. But I think he would have said "shoulder piping" or something to that effect.

Not everyone is conversant in the language of the industry.

I can see somebody calling the arm holes "shoulders."

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