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MLB BP jersey concepts


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Take more time on your concept. That is the only critiques you need to hear until you fix it.

I agree. Please stick with one concept, because you work on like 2/3 a day, and it seems like you took 5 minutes on it.

Cood idea, but take your time on you work.

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It's evident with most of your concepts and even your sig right now that you don't seem to care about the rough edges on logos.

1. If it is a logo that will be going onto a colored background give it a white outline. Outline that oriole bird and it will look alot better.

2. Don't post your concept if half of it is missing.

3. You see all of the orange pixels around the outline of the jersey? To get rid of those you can either do two things. One, you could not be lazy and color them all black to match the rest of the jersey. Or two, and this is the best advice anyone ever gave me, do your concepts at about four times larger, and then use a program other than paint to resize to a smaller size. It will get rid of all the rough edges.

This was done by myself entirely in paint at four times larger. I then used a program called Paint.net v. 2.5. I copy pasted the large image on paint.net and then resized it to 25% and this is the final product. reds-1.png

There are free downloads of this program all over the internet and a newer version called 2.6 is also available. It is great for resizing logos and entire concepts but is pretty much worthless after that.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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