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Phillies Modification


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First off, this topic is correctly named. It is only a modification, and you acknowledged that. As for the concept itself, I would suggest making the home belt red. Also, I would consider using a hat with the star in the P, but with a red bill for home and the other for away. But these are really just a matter of taste I think. Nice job.

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One thing that might make this even better overall is to try and avoid pairing blue outlining onto red elements. Having two primary colors side-by-side makes them both blurry. Red and blue next to each other prove especially jarring to the eyes.

So, when outlining the uniform numbers, consider red numbers, outlined white, outlined blue. That alone would provide the necessary separation and allow you to infuse a little blue into the uniform (which I agree is a good idea).

Another thing to think about is consistency. For example, the front wordmark is red, outlined white. The player names are red, outlined white. Currently, the sleeve stripes are red, outlined white, as are the player numbers. Your concept has sleeve stripes that are blue, outlined white, and player numbers that are red, outlined blue. Where the Phillies now have consistent (albeit blandly so) patterns, yours involves 3 different patterns.

Historically, the Phillies are a red/white team. They could use some blue, and I think you're on the right track, but be mindful of the overall effects your changes will have.

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