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College Football


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But June is the dead time....

Hockey. OVER

Baseball....meh, it's kind of in a lull until after the All Star Break



C'mon it's college football time. The preseason mags have been out for a while, Spring Training/Summer Workouts are getting underway.

I can just smell the grass and excitement now.

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Don't know how many College Football fans we have on the board but I was wondering you're thoughts on the upcoming season.

All I know is that I'm treating game #1 as an exhibition and the season doesn't start until game 2. I love my Cougs and AD Sterk but Auburn? Really? I'm not touching a wager on that game with someone else's 10-foot pole.

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Hey the Bulls come down to Auburn this fall. Personally I'm looking forward to the game.

I love when Auburn plays northern teams and went to the Syracuse home and home a couple of years ago.

Why? Probably cause it is a definate win :P

Anyway UB gets alot of money for playing them down there so they can give some of it to their good basketball team.

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Can I say this: Please, please, please let Auburn drop 70 points on Waz-Spew! It would help heal the wounds of the Apple Cup and prove to everyone in the state that the Huskies are greater then the Spew-Gars.

That, and U-Dub heading to Norman and giving Boomer Sooner a swift kick to their manhood!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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