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best current jersey in NHL


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while i'm waiting for the nhl season to start i think il pass some time by putting my top 5 current jerseys in the nhl on the internet. so here u go:

1. minnesota alt.

2. chicago home (red)

3. ottawa away

4. ny rangers home

5. montreal home

id love to here some other top 5's. p&t

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My contact at Reebock sent me the new Sabres jersey. It's got really neat piping, lots of gradients and rhinestones, has both the goat logo AND the crossed swords, and the inside lining is made up of pictures of naked ladies. It's by far my favorite.

No, seriously.

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Off the top of my head:

1. Capitals home black (this will always be number 1)

2. Capitals home white

3. Canucks home blue

4. Senators home red

5. Ducks new white

I'll probably revise it when I get a better opportunity to make the list.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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