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NFL Films Super Bowl Box sets

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I have the first three volumes of these, Super Bowls I-XXX and while the DVD's are great, I do have a problem with the logo fonts that are used on some of the menu screens. Instead of using the logo fonts that were used by the team at the time of the game, for example the old style Broncos logo that they had when they played in Super Bowls XII, XXI, XXII & XXIV, the new Broncos logo is used. It may seem like a small thing, but it bugs me that they couldn't spend a few extra hours/$'s to get the right logo up. And it's especially jarring when the new/current logo doesn't appear anywhere in the vid footage on the dvd.

The same sort of thing happened in an ad for original Super Bowl programs that was in the Sports Illustrated issue celebrating the Steelers win in Super Bowl XL. There was a full page ad that had pics of the programs from Super Bowl XVI-XXXIX and below the programs were the helmets of the two teams.

But instead of using the helmets that were used by the teams when they played in the Super Bowl of the time, ie: the 49ers helmet with the gray facemask in Super Bowl XVI, they used all of the current helemts.

Again, it may be a small thing, but it's almost like they are trying to rewrite history.

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