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heres my concept 4 an old fantasy tesm i had a wile back called the decatur kings i tried my best but it still didnt look how i invisioned it i tried to put a crown on the sleeves well here they are

heres home








enjoy C&C please

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tell me what u think

the colors are horrible, the text is barely legible, the primary logo is just bad, the diamonds in the alt logo are not well formed, the number font is terrible and too large, the wordmark on the front of the jersey is huge, different logo's on each side of the helmet is just odd, the striping pattern on the white jersey is different than the others...

i do like the concept of the crown on the jersey, but it's a bit too large and the crown is different from the one in the logo

there is a reason you got 100+ views with no comments...most people don't want to say anything bad, and honestly, there isn't much good to say about this

you say up front that you were "bored" when you made this, and it looks that way

sorry if that's a bit harsh, but i'm afraid it's true

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I like the crown on the sleeves--but the numbers would be hard to read in the colour combos you have here.

Take leggman's advice.

And clean it up a bit--in some spots it's hard to tell what the uni is doing.

The unis with the red shoulders but white or black below?

The red goes too low.

It makes it hard to tell which colour the jersey should be.

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When the word 'King' comes to mind I think of colors like purple and gold, and maybe a little bit of red, not these really dark colors.

This is what I think:

1. You used the old Pats logo, made the whole thing red and added a crown and cape.. not very creative.

2. The colors are WAY too dark

3. Whatever text you are using is very hard to read, almost illegible.

4. The crown on the sleve is different from the actual logo, and the "diamonds" or "studs" on the crown look like little blobs, you could've at least used the strait line tool to make them symetrical.


5. This REALLY needs to be cleaned up.

Like leggman said, It may seem harsh but it's true.

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The color of the logo doesn't work well with the red helmet shell. The gold has too much green in it. I would use a cleaner font for either the kings or number copy. You need to incorporate white into the logo, no matter which helmet you use.

The template is fine. I think the use of colors, fonts and other elements just aren't working.

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