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So. Calif Suns (WFL) uniform concept


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I was inspired to do this from another thread under sports logos awhile back and some free time. My magenta turned out darker than they used but it probably would be darker today(like many royal blue teams have become navy).

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Wow. This concept looks amazing. The jerseys have a VA Tech vibe to them, which I don't mind. And 3 helmets is 2 too many (I'd go with the white one), but this template is spectacular. Add a spot for the pants/socks, a view from behind, and maybe a side helmet view, and I think the bar will be officially raised.

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I really like these alot! I especially like you idea of a third helmit. Makes me wonder why the pro football does not do this more. You mite be on to something.

Great job again!!!

Blame the NO FUN rules of the NO Fun League.

Back before the Seahawks decided to rebrand themselves (or maybe during the process), they actually had fans vote on whether they liked a silver helmet or "seahawk" blue helmet better. The team wanted to use both helmet styles, but (to no one's surprise) the NFL head honchos quickly shot that idea down. Apparently they'll only allow one dome per team. It would be kind of a neat treat to the fans if the NFL would let some teams do that--go with two different helmets (the Atlanta Falcons QUICKLY come to mind)--and plus, if they managed to bend their rules in regards to even ALLOWING teams to develop a third jersey, let alone letting them wear them twice a season, then maybe JUST MAYBE one day they'l let some team have two official shells for their uniforms. (However, if you like helmet multiplicity, be sure to check out everyone's favorite NCAA team, the Oregon Ducks, this fall, as they have THREE this season.)

Right now the only team you'll see with two helmets would be the Chargers (the white helmet with the powder blue thirds everyone and they mommabestfriendsisterbabydaddycousin seems to have a boner for), unless the Cowboys roll out those Thanksgiving Day throwbacks at some point in the season. (Of course, eh BIlls rolled out a new throwback at the beginning of last season, so I guess I can add them to that list.)

At any rate, all that said, the VT jersey style REALLY works for magenta and orange. I agree with whoever it was that said work in some pants and a rear/side view, and you'd definitely raise the concept bar for sure. I just like them colors together like that. Not that I'D ever wear them, but as presented, I like how that looks.

Beautiful. Two gold stars folk.

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