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Fixing the Buffaslug


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UPDATED: 07/16/2006



(Original post can be seen below).

Step One.

Add legs.



I'm gonna go back and make a logo that resembles this using the current swords and my new Buffalo.

C&C please!!!

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Dude, this is sick! This is obviously a 100% upgrade from their original attempt at the new logo.

I agree, it's an upgrade, but it is still a long way from decent.

I thought the only way to really fix the 'leaked' Buffaslug is a .20 gauge. I can't wait to see your other plans, though. Good luck polishing the proverbial turd! :D

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Thanks for all the C&C so far, guys! Keep it comin'.

I see what you mean about "Tripping" or the "fetal position". I think I need to extend the back legs slightly straighter, ala the Bills logo.

I just don't want it to too closely resemble the Bills.

I'll see what I can do.

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I hope it no longer looks like a fetus.

I'll wait for feedback on this one before I put together the primary logo.



Wow, you just fixed the logo 200%. 100 for your first attempt, and another 100 for the 2nd, VERY Nice work!

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Further tweaked the legs and I've put included this on my SWF Package of the new logos.

UPDATED Version of the New Logo

Now this is just my personal preference but could you PLEASE fix that far horn by changing it white! it is aggrevating the HELL out of me, its like a growth on the buffalo's face. I know that that is not YOUR design, which is why im asking if you could modify it on your version.



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Maybe another motion line to fill the vast yellow expanse? Or flatten it out on top a little.

I think with each change this will inch closer and closer to the Bills logo.

So are you suggesting I try to make it look like the Bills logo or suggesting I add motion lines to stray from the Bills logo?

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The legs look small to me, compared to the body. Its head is too big, compared to the legs. I think the front and back legs are too close to each other, try to spread them out more. Also, maybe try to make the blue line connect the back right leg(far left in the logo) and the front right leg. The way it is now, it almost looks like he has four legs in a row (like the wheels on a rollerblade)

Those are just my opinions, but I am no designer or anything. It looks better than the actual logo, but it still needs work.

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