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Romford Raiders concept (revised)


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Some of you may remember a concept I did a while ago for my local hockey team, the Romford Raiders (click here to see thread).

I was pleased with the outcome, but I recently decided to design a new logo. So far, I've finished the wordmark, using the same Pirate Keg font I downloaded (and the Arial font for the 'omford' part).


For the primary logo, I'm thinking of having just the 'R' on it's own, maybe wearing some sort of pirate hat (like the Calgary Flames have a flaming 'C'). I did two ideas, one with the 'Bucco Bruce' style hat and another with the hat from the Prince Albert Raiders logo. Neither of these ideas really worked...

So does anyone have any suggestions? Should I use another type of pirate hat, leave the 'R' alone, or use a completely different font alltogether?

C&C is also appreciated.

EDIT: Gave the logo a navy outline.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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