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carolina blues


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i present the first draft of the carolina blues (blue marlin, of course)...fantasy team for noone, in particular

it's a work in progress...the tail and pectoral fins aren't to my liking yet, but i decided to post this for some c&c anyway

the fish is roughly in the shape of a "c" for carolina

i plan to do another logo with 2 marlin crossing bills, as well

the outline is rounded because that's the only way i can do it in psp...ideally the outline would follow the lines of the logo, but i can't figure out how to make that happen

what do you think?

primary & wordmark




the other name i thought of for this concept was the Beaufort Bills (billfish)...which is better?

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Terrific Name! ^_^ ...and a very nice logo. You are getting quite good at this my friend.

thanks...that means a lot coming from you!

it's no bruins bear logo like the one posted by patsox [sarcasm intended], but i'm happy with this first draft...i'll post updates when they're done

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