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Team Croatia


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More checkers.  Also, it just doesn't feel overly european.

You're right, it needs some ads everywhere :P

Seriously though, I think you should drop the lines that you have on the side panels and make the panels checkered.

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I love the idea.

However, the first thing I see that I'd change is the name on the jersey. Croatia, in Croatian, is "Hrvatska," so I would change that.

The second is what everyone else said...I'd throw some checkers on there. Side panels would be perfect.

The rendering is nice and clean, and that's always a plus. And the jersey design, other than the absence of checkers, is very nice. A red alternate, maybe?

Like I said, I love the idea, and I'd really like to see more. I did an "International American Football" project a few years back (that I didn't finish...still might get on that) and this is very similar. Good job so far!

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Like everyone said...its a Croatian team..where's the checkers?

well i didnt want it to look silly, so i used the crest to sort of compensate

Don't worry, if it's Croatia it won't look silly, it'll look awesome.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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