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Alamo Bowl loses Mastercard Sponsorship

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The Alamo Bowl, recently in a position to be the second-to-last bowl of the 2006 season, have lost their sponsorship with the Mastercard company, who had been the sponsor of the bowl since 2001. While local companies AT&T and Toyota already have associations with other bowls, they are a slew of possibilities:

Chili's - We've all anticipated the concept of a "Chili's Bowl", and it's very likely that the Dallas-based company would like tha ttype of coverage.

Sonic - Another fast food company that could take advantage.

H-E-B - Very likely, though it may not be quite large enough just yet.

Big Red - The local soda company may not have nearly enough presence to sponsor a bowl, but a name like the Big Red Alamo Bowl sounds great.

Any of y'all have an idea what would be a good sponsorship name for the Alamo Bowl?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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