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I thought ESPN's Thrusday night package also included Holiday games along with the division seres. I know that is the package OLN/VS is bidding for and I remember reading that package included a weekly Thursday night game, a day game, holiday games, and the division series.

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Check out todays eddition its about Pete Rose and why he should sue MLB.


Coments always welcome

If Pete Rose were to sue MLB it would get thrown out of court. 2 reasons.

1. He agreed to the lifetime banishment. It says he can apply for reinstatement and he has done that. It does not say he shall be allowed back in if he applies.

2. MLB has nothing to do with him not being in the Hall of Fame. The National Baseball Hall of Fame is a separate institution from Major League Baseball. They have their own rules for admittance. If Rose were to sue MLB over him not being allowed in the HOF he would be suing the wrong people.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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