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Hey all, I just wanted to let you guys know that my brothers and I started a sports/pop culture podcast back in February called Brothers in 3-Z (we now have over 20 episodes). You can find us in iTunes under podcasts, we also have a site at http://brothersin3-z.podomatic.com Our show comes out usually once a week and lasts between 15-20 minutes (enough for your workout on the tredmill) We would appreciate your support and also your vote on http://www.podcastawards.com and nominate us under the Sports category if you like what you hear. Thanks for your support.

Brothers in 3-Z

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My brother Trent has an iMac account so it is pretty easy, but you have to submit your feed podcast feed URL to iTunes and then after a few days they will add it to their listings. In iTunes click on podcasts and when you get to that click in the column on the left called "Submit a Podcast" and there you enter your podcast feed url. Setting up your podcast feed url without an iMac account it the sketchy part that I am not sure about. I know it is little, but I hope this helps.


Brothers in 3-Z podcast

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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