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St. John's Football


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With my last two schools being in the Big East, it only seemed natural for me to finish the conference with the St. John's Red Storm.

Now, this concept is a little different than my others. It's halfway done.


I got stuck, and I'm not sure where to go with it. The helmet is basically the same thing the Red Storm used last, when they dropped football in 2002. The numbers are what the basketball team uses, but none of this is what I'm stuck on.

It's the blasted side panels. The basketball jerseys have two rather thick stripes, starting at the armpit and flaring out diagonally, almost Knicks-style. I wanted to recreate these and continue them down the pants, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out on the road jerseys.

Now...for the homes, I'm confused. White pants? No, because the stripes wouldn't match, and we don't want two pairs of white pants, ask the Browns. Red pants? Hoo boy, no way. Blue pants work the best, but...they don't really seem to work all that well. Any suggestions as to what I should do to this? C&C on the rest is welcomed and appreciated, as always. Help! :P

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I'd almost break away from the basketball template on these uniforms, Shane. You're right about the side panels working for the away uniforms, but it really doesn't have the same effect on the home set (and the navy pants aren't helping your cause any). Honestly, I don't see the big deal in having two sets of white pants for these uniforms if you absolutely insist on keeping the side panels. The Broncos do it, and we hardly ever complain about their uniforms (well, at least anymore).

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Nice concept, as has been the case with the others in this series.

Now to offer up my two rusted Lincolns:

Somehow to me I'm thinking that StJ interlock logo would look real good on that helmet. And honestly, I don't see why using white pants wouldn't work. IMO the dark red with teh drker blue can make certain things like the numbers and the nameplates hard to read. I think the homes could use white pants to offer a real nice contrast. I say go for white numbers with the darker blue trim. As for that side panel on the homes, if it's left the way it is with white pants, it'd make for a red strip down the side, which I think would look pretty good. (And yes, the side panels do work REALLY WELL for the roads...)

As for the roads, methinks red numerals would look better--not saying it doesn't look good now. But the only reason I say red numbers is to emphasize the red in RED Storm. I'm quite sure the school would rather push the navy more so than the white, but on a football uniform, I think the white would look better, just to offersome contrast with the darker red, and IMO it would give it a sort of "bling" quality--clean.

But again...that's just my two rusted Lincolns...

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I think the interlocking STJ would make a better helmet logo, as well...but I didn't want to use it because it's such an obvious ripoff of the Cardinals. The baseball team uses it, but I just don't see it as something the football team would put on their helmets.

Anyway, here's what I changed:


-No more navy pants...two pairs of white pants instead. I guess it isn't as pointless as I thought, and I like the way it looks.

-No more navy numbers...changed the home numbers to white, outlined in navy, and the road numbers to red, outlined in navy.

I only have one concern...there's barely any navy. Something just makes me want to throw just a tad more navy in there, but I also like the way it looks now. What do you think?

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I liked the first draft. I like the revisions more.

While I like the look of the red/navy pairing, the school's colors and nicknames have always been red more than the other colors. There was too much navy for me to see this working for St. John's. With mostly red and white, it looks more fitting.

I'm with Bucco - the monogram would look great. Yeah, it's a blatant ripoff of the MLB Cardinals (and similar to St. Joe's monogram), but it doesn't resemble anything being used by an NFL team, so using it is a little easier to pull off since it's a different level of competition and sport (I apologize in advance for shady and weak logic...).

If you're looking for places to throw in navy, the collars and socks are always a place to start. But honestly, I wouldn't put too much more in - it looks great as a contrast color.

Nice - but that's nothing new for this series...

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