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Ok I loved the old Buffalo Sabres jerseys so I decided to do a modernized version. This is my first concept so I know it wont be anywhere near perfect but i'm hoping to get better with time. Feedback good and bad is welcome, after all that is how i will improve. I'm working on a home jersey but I'm not quite sure what i'm going to do for that one yet.


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Strictly as a first effort, I give it a solid "Meh". Not bad, not good. Somewhere in between.

GOOD: contrast color shoulders; blue and gold; prominent sabres in the crest.

NOT SO GOOD: Reebok patch wouldn't go there; no sleeve numbers looks unfinished; the triangle motif doesn't tie in to the city of Buffalo or the team as far as I can tell (compared to Pittsburgh, who use the triangle effectively in a couple different ways to tie in to the city's location at the confluence of 3 rivers - The Golden Triangle); the blue in the crest doesn't look anything like the blue in the sweater; the collar striping colors aren't close to the colors in the rest of the sweater; not crazy about the player name within the contrast-colored yoke, nor the addition of silver - if you're trying to mix eras in Sabres uniform history, remember that one uniform replaces another, and the elements in the old and new uniforms are rarely meant to be used together... ever.

POINT OF CLARIFICATION: this sweater is white; NHL teams wear dark at home and light on the road - so this is a road concept. Although there is a lot of color on it, and this may come close to being unusable as a road white sweater with so much color in the body.

Technically, saving it as a .png will clean it up. But the colors need to match, and there are design elements missing that are essential. It's a fair start, and this can be worked with.

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