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Ohio State Football


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For my second concept from the Buckeye State in less than a week, here is THE Ohio State University. There are not a whole lot of changes from their new jerseys, but their are changes. Most importantly, I added another set of sleve stripes. This adds some grey to the homes. I also copied this pattern to the away. There is no sock design, because the Buckeyes don't wear tall socks. C&C appreciated.


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To truly make it an Ohio State concept, try and find the comically-oversized Champion numbers from a few years back. That always defined OSU jerseys to me.

As for your changes, I'll take these over what they wound up with in real life.

One OSU-related question that I can't answer: a couple years ago, they got rid of their sparkle-silver pants because the school colors are scarlet and gray. If that's the case, why isn't the helmet painted a matte gray? Last time I checked, it's still metallic silver - which means now the pants and helmets don't match each other. If you're going to apply the "school color" rule for one, shouldn't you apply it consistently?

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The reason is they say the players chose to wear the new dryfit pants which is not able to be made with the metallic look.

Sorry I tried but could not come up with a link.

They also claim that the new jersey contruction was the reason the "Buckeye Stripe" was removed in favor of the Bruce era sleeve striping.


Since Nike has been onboard they altered the oversized TV numbers, went to the dull pants, and now altered the sleeve striping to the dismay of most of the fanbase.

At least it isnt ghost flames or diamond plate, I guess.

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