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Moncton Tide...CFL Atlantic Canada


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I thought I would do a CFL team for Atlantic Canada so this is what I came up with. It is a bit rough but I am just looking for some suggestions. It feels like it is missing something but I dont know what. Well here it is!


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IMO those fonts don't work well together. The script doesn't look like a "football font". THe Moncton one looks pretty good though. Also what are those things coming off the football? Maybe you could make the M in Moncton and the tide together to make an logo.

Ok concept, but if improved it could look great.

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Okay, please don't take this too harshly ...

? You've really emphasized the city name over the team name. The city is in a much bigger, bolder font. Most times, however, it's the other way around: team name big and bold, city name smaller. I would really advocate going in that direction.

? I'm not a huge fan of script fonts in general, but I think they have their place in sports logo design. That said, I think the one you used here is too thin and wispy. Logos need to identify your brand from a distance; this font won't do that. If you are married to the script idea, find one that's straighter up-and-down, thicker, and has fewer curls.

? The big wavy lines at the bottom look good, but the ones coming off the football look very irregular and misshapen. It would probably be better to get rid of those entirely and integrate the football more with the bigger waves. Keep it simple.

? The double blue has been done before (the Toronto Argos, etc.) but with a nautical theme, there's not a whole lot of other places to go with it. But I like that you've kept it to two colours and not gone overboard with the colour scheme. If you can switch it up, go for it, but if not, no biggie.

Hope that helps.

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I would probably go with "New Brunswick Tides" because:

a.) you would need to draw fans from more than one city (i.e. Saskatchewan Roughriders)

b.) I don't really like singular team names.

I would also suggest using the colour scheme of the New Brunswick flag, which is red, blue and yellow/gold.


If I win Lotto 6/49 this week, I'm buying an expansion team for Halifax as your big rival: The Nova Scotia Schooners!

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The second is an improvement, but my mind wants to see a better integration of the football. I imagine the football twice as large, sitting on top of the right end of the "waves", and angled up a bit so the waves are cradling it. That's just my vision though; if the idea appeals to you I would love to see it. Nevertheless, I think this logo has all the potential in the world.


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The logo's infinitely better than when you started.

The color scheme is great - great nautical colors, you avoid copying the Argos and their double-blue, and I love blue and green together.

The wordmark font is killing this concept, though. I don't know how better to explain it, but there's too much negative (white) space. The "M" looks like a "V", the "O"s look too much like the "C", the "N"s look like "M"s. It could say "VCMCTCM" for all we know. And the city name is still bigger than the nickname.

There's a better font out there, and when you find it, this thing will be nearly complete. It's looking better already - nice work so far.

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