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SEC Helmets and alts


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I've had alot of requests for this template, but I don't think I can make one template where the helmet could be recolored each time. The gradients are hard to do and they are different for each color. I might have to make it so there is a template of each shell color and the facemasks and stripes could be changed. I'm working on it.

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I think you goofed on the Tennessee white helmet,unless you ran in to a problem,the actual white helmet doesn't have a orange face mask,just thought i tell you . :)

but i like both Vandy alts.,MSU maroon,both Gators alt,

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Bama- Don't care, I'll hate them either way... (Fear the thumb!)

Vandy- Would like to see that black hemet with a gold star w/ a white outline

UF- The white one is nice, but needs a colored facemask. I really like that blue one though.

Uga- Don't care. TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!

UT- Would like to see the orange hemet with some type of outline around the 'power T'- Don't care much for the black, given it's not a 'main' color.

UK- Would like to see a blue helmet with just a 'K' Kind of like UGA uses just a 'G' and not a 'UG'

AU- I have seen real mockups of all three of those helmets in one of AU's bookstores, and they all look great. I say stick with white due to conservative nature of the school (and tradition)

USC(east)- That maroon one is awesome. Only suggestion is maybe try enlarging the gamecock while keeping the C the same size

Ark- Stick with the red. Is black a heavily used color for them or was it an addition during the recent black craze?

LSWho- Like the purple hemlet, but think a white outline on the letters would benefit

OleM- That red one is awesome

MSU- White

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I LOVE YOUR WORK AXL! These are the best concept helmets ever.

Bama- I like the white and the maroon, not so much the gray just because i've never seen it before. Best: Maroon

Vandy: All of them look amazing! Best: White

Florida: I love all of the colors there isnt one i dont like. Best: Orange

Georgia: Red and black look really nice but the white just has to much white. Maybe try changing up the color of the actual "G" logo. Best: Black

Tenn: They all look good, the black seems a little out of place because the orange and white are so bright but then the black is so dark. Best" Orange

Kentucky: I think the black is the best but being realistic it wouldnt work with the uniforms. Best: White

Auburn: All look excellent. Best: Orange

South Carolina: The black makes the helmet just too dark. I really like the maroon though. Best: Maroon

Arkansas: This isnt your fault but I just think the arkansas helmet it to plain so I dont really like any of them. Best: Maroon

LSU: All of them are sweet. I love the all purple, it is awsome! Best: Purple

Ole Miss: Simple yet classy. Like all of the colors. Best: White

Miss State: I dont like the gray, the white looks really nice. Best: White

I can't wait to see the Big 10. You should host all of these on a site, maybe get somebody to make you some uniforms to match the helmet. Make a huge concept collection. That would be awsome!

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Awesome AXL!

My Favorates:

Alabama (Silver)

Florida (ALL)

Auburn (ALL)

South Carolina (ALL)

Arkansas (ALL)

LSU (White)

Ole Miss (Red)

Miss. State (Silver)

I really like the grey Miss. State. That would be a great addition to their uniforms along with grey pants.

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carolina once wore that helmet and most Carolina fans really like this helmet and would like to see a garnet helmet again


ALERT! Steve Taneyhill reference!

BTW, that garnet Carolina helmet (both in the picture above and in Axl's amazing renderings) is a thing of beauty. I hope they go back to it someday.

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