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if ND ever ditches the gray facemask, I'd bet on gold. regardless, I'm a proponent of more green on the blues (and vice versa). one thing though, the road numbers have one outline color too many (green-gold-blue would work better than your present green-white-blue-gold) and the road sleeves look a bit too different from the home stripes.

lastly, the pants stripes look woefully out of place (as I found out after my first ND concept a few years ago), mainly cus they usually have no stripes. I think the only feasible way to give the Irish pants stripes would be to add navy pants, but even then it still looks somewhat off.

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there's something about notre dame, alabama, michigan, ohio state, etc... that you just have to stay away from. It's not that your concept is necessarily bad...its just that some things can't be messed with. I wouldn't mind seeing a few changes with the irish unis, but it will never happen.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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