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Houston Texans concept version 2


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HELMET: OK. But the red needs to be toned down a little bit. It's beyond fire-engine red; it practically glows.

UNIFORM: Isn't this more or less the "Battle Uniform" alternate? Red jersey with navy shoulder stripes, white/navy numbers, white pants with red/navy striping?

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From the Denver Bears thread...

"Your bobcat didn't look like a bobcat."

"Can we keep this thread about the Denver Bears please?"

So Patsox, you just finished criticizing another poster for straying off topic, and then you bust out a comment like...

"Dom, your sig is making me dizzy :wacko:"

Methinks you just wanted an excuse to use the wacko smiley again.

Anyway, decent work. It's simple and effective. I'd like to see a little deeper red--they look a little too N.Y.F. Giants to me.

I'm with BJ Sands about the red shoes though. Could set the NFL in a frenzy. And what would Paul Lukas say about them? The topic would dominate Uni Watch for weeks.

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I have edited again and IMO this is better than the first one in this thread.I just made small changes but they are very effective.



If you can't tell the difference I have edited the stripes on the side of the pants to be red/white/blue instead of red/blue/red.I have also changed the red to a deeper red.

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