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Wondering what you guys think


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I think it's an improment mainly because on the original the gold border was taking away from the original adding a weird "clump" in the middle.

What if you connected the letters.

For example the bottom of the L connects to the middle of the S and the Left bar of the U connects into the bottom right hump of the S?

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I think the blocks of yellow are just a result of the ability of the stitching machines.

Miss St has that logo where the right leg of the M connects with the left leg of the U and the S is intertwined in that connection. You can't really do that with an L and a U. Overlapping letters would make it difficult to read, I think.

The goal was to bring the L lower and U higher to make the general dimensions more of a square rather than a vertical rectangle.

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yes, state does have one of the best hats in college baseball...but i've always liked the current lsu hat. it seems traditional to me.

there is this movement to make every sport at a school use the same cookie cutter logo and uniform. while i can understand some of it to an extent, baseball is just a bit different. Hat logos and jersey fonts can't always look like what's on the football and basketball team. for instance, a lot of people at miss. state think that baseball hat logo should be on our football helmets and basketball stuff. i hate such an idea. let the traditional baseball stuff stay that way.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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