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My first jersey

commander cody13

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Ok heres the story on how these came to be

Back in november 2004 me and my friend were slaking off in math when we had a great idea, we would make a street hockey team

After spending the rest of the class thinking of a team name and a logo we finnaly settled on Surrey Thunder. Trust me the logo sucked compared to the latest one

Well last year in french we had to make a team and describe it in french and stuff so we decided to expand deeper into the surrey thunder making a better logo and even a mascot. The logo was a little better but still pretty gay compared to the new ones



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I kept the origonal Font cause the other ones I found all sucked :hockeysmiley:

Arial sucks more :P.

Look for a simple font like Machine or even use (bleargh) Impact.

The black stripe on the bottom striping still doesn't fit into the jersey's look, and the socks are, IMO, too busy.

I'd change the bottom striping to two equal-weight stripes: one yellow, one blue.

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