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Tank stumper 1/23/03


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I. Who is the only player to play in a World Series and Super Bowl?

II. Who are the only 2 coaches to win a Super Bowl in their very first season as an NFL Head Coach?

III. What 4 head coaches have lost 4 Super Bowls?

IV. Who scored the only TD for the Redskins in Super Bowl VII?

V. What 2 teams Super Bowl winning teams did Buddy Ryan serve as an assistnat coach for?

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I.  Deion Sanders

II.  Don McCafferty (Colts, SB V) & George Seifert (49ers, SB XXIV)

III.  Bud Grant, Don Shula, Marv Levy and Dan Reeves

IV.  Mike Bass after intercepting Garo Yapremian's "pass"

V.  NY Jets (III) & Chicago Bears (XX)

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