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Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles


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Since TTU has essentially debuted their new athletic logos (though not officially), I've decided to have some fun with it until they sign with Nike and screw everything up. (Sweet Jeebus, I hope not!)

First, football helmets!


I used the wing in the cliche` Philly Eagle fashion. I also tried to integrate white into their color scheme by outlining the wing with it.

C&C please!

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I think it look great.

Only thing I would do would be to move the wing "up" so the bottom doesn't touch the earhole and the front just touches the noseguard.

They definately retain the Eagle's idea but takes a different "spin" on it. Much like Rice did with their helmets last year.

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Ok, I have a question. With TN Tech officially debuting their new athletic logos on August 31, do you think they already have uniforms designed, specifically football? I am really thinking of getting something designed and sent in to them for consideration. (Like they would really consider it. :rolleyes: )

Edit: New logos will be debuted at the first football game on Aug. 31.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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