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New Duquesne Dukes Athletic Logos


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Why does this logo reminds me of all those "Road To" movies?

Voiceover: See the Duquesne Dukes in Road To Olean, Road To Amherst, Road To Kingston, Road To Dayton, Road To The Bronx, Road To Atlantic City and Road To John Chaney's Front Porch all season long!!!! All films from Atlantic 10 Conference Pictures."

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As a Duquesne grad and current Masters student all I can say is, "It's about freaking time!" Now all we need is for the football program to grow up and leave their cupcake conference that they have dominated for the better part of a decade and for the basketball program to get some sort of respectability.

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To answer your query about the designer of the new new Dukes logos, the following comes from the goduquesne.com website:

"The new identity program for Duquesne Athletics was created by award-winning Rickabaugh Graphics of Columbus, Ohio and includes the following marks:

? A primary mark that features both a logo (a new-look Duke) and word mark (Duquesne)

? Sport-specific logos that incorporate both Duquesne and Dukes word marks

? Secondary marks which include the Duquesne "D" and a separate Duke head."

That should answer everything and a little more.

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I'm not saying that Rickabaugh Graphics didn't do a great job here, and they don't deserve to say "award-winning"..

But...I'd like to win an award so I can say "Award-Winning PCGD Studios"

Does a Logolympiad count?

For some reason V for Vendetta crossed my mind first. But probably because I ment to think Dr. Jeckel.

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