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Championship Voting


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I take it we're voting on the overall package.

I have put more weight on the Comp logo than the uniform.

I vote 2. For the Comp logo, and would have voted for 1 had it been on the uniforms.

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I have to say Team 2.

These were both excellent and I stared at each for a good 5 minutes to make my choice. To say one wins "by far" is unfair.

These are both great designs. Excellent job, guys!

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team 1

the event logo falls more in line with world cup logos of years past....great usage of strokes to make the number 2, the human shape, and the heart shape all in one uniting element. i do take issue with the kerning in the word "World" that is set in either avant garde or futura. i would have moved the "o" closer to the "W" to bring the word together a little more, as it stands, my eye continues to be drawn to that little blank space.

i love the subtle stripes on the kit. the crest is great. the whole package is really well thought out.

team 2

while i like the event logo, it lacks a human element that world cup logos tend to have. with that said, it would make a great logo for a south african soccer federation. the type chosen is a great choice.

the uniform design is excellent. not a single complaint there.

all in all a great set of finalist entries.

my vote, after much consideration goes to:

team 1

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